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CStC tClipse Decal


CStC tClipse Decal

Add looks and additional horsepower to your car by applying a fashionable Club Scion tC decal to your ride of choice. You could win first place at every car show with this decal. You could also gain up to 15bhp in performance (with a proper tune) if this decal is anywhere near your engine bay.

Show off to other car enthusiasts that you are proud of being a member of this community by owning a few of these decals and plastering them on your car. Be sure to drive slow though so their hoopties can catch up to you long enough to see what the decals says.

These decals can only be applied once, so make 100% sure that where you are sticking it is where you want it. Stick them on your ride's windshield, radiator diversion panel, under the floor mats, or even your significant other!

Dimensions: 8" x 1.75"

Price: $2.99

How Many:
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